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Texas homeowner in insurance disputes

In some instances, a homeowner may end up in a dispute with his or her insurance company. Insurance disputes may arise from breach of contract and unfair business dealings. This is true for one particular case in which a homeowner filed a lawsuit against his insurance company and other defendants.

The lawsuit includes Allstate insurance company and its insurance adjuster. It also includes a restoration company, ServPro. According to the lawsuit, the homeowner suffered damages to his residence and asked for repairs to be done to bring the home back to its initial condition. When the restoration company performed work on the house, items that were water damaged, such as flooring and sheetrock, were left behind.

Texas bank in business litigation with Target

Target is in the midst of a class-action lawsuit brought on by two banks. The Texas business litigation was initiated over Target's data breach. Since the suit, one of the banks has withdrawn from litigation.

According to the lawsuit, Target did not safeguard personal financial information in accordance with industry standards. Shortly after the suit was filed, one of the banks dismissed the claim but can still re-file in the future if it wishes to do so. It is not known if the other bank will dismiss these claims as well, but so far, no other motion to dismiss has been filed. The CEO of Trustwave issued a statement arguing that the suit against Target held no merit. He further stated that the company is determined to defend against any allegations that are brought on.

PPG filed breach of contract suit in Texas courtroom

Individuals or businesses suffering from damages created by a breach of contract can face financial woes. Not receiving goods or services as promised can cause more than an annoying inconvenience. A Texas company is in the midst of a breach of contract claim after a client reportedly failed to pay for its services as agreed.

PPG Architectural Finishes filed a claim against TLG Towne Oaks Townhouse. According to the lawsuit, PPG Architectural entered into a transaction and provided materials and services for a price that TLG agreed to pay. The transaction ended up in the amount of $4,638.61, but TLG allegedly failed to furnish payment to the company.

Construction company files breach of contract suit

Violating a contract or causing another party financial harm can result in a lawsuit. Multiple subcontractors have been faced with a lawsuit by a construction company. The construction company initiated the lawsuit based on breach of contract regarding a Keystone Pipeline project.

Reportedly, the construction company went into an agreement with the subcontractors to help with building a delivery station. These duties were part of the Keystone Pipeline project. The construction company claims that the subcontractors did not include it in a portion of duties in the contract. In addition, there were multiple setbacks that caused the construction company to suffer more out of pocket expenses.

Texas couple sues for breach of contract on home

When businesses or private individuals enter into contracts, it is important that all parties follow the terms that have been outlined. A Texas couple who paid a deposit on a house did not get exactly what they wanted. They filed a lawsuit for breach of contract against a homeowner.

According to the lawsuit, the couple became informed that a house was up for sale. The couple made contact with the homeowner and made an offer on the property. The homeowner agreed and entered into a contract with the couple for purchase. The couple made a good faith deposit in the amount of $2,000 to secure the home. Eventually, when the time came to close on the property, the couple reportedly observed the homeowner entering into a contract with another party.

Texas company sues for breach of contract

Medical Imaging Solutions Group had a lawsuit filed against them by ODC. The company is suing for breach of contract and is requesting to have the sales and service contract voided. Back in 2011, ODC purchased an X-ray machine, an MRI machine and a CT scanner for just over $1.5 million, which included a service agreement from Medical Imaging Solutions.

Reportedly, the companies entered into three sales agreements for this medical equipment. Under the contract, there is a 60 month service agreement for each. Eventually, the equipment was installed, but since that time, the equipment has had a series of issues and problems. Per the complaint, it was stated that Medical Imaging Solutions did not have permission from the Texas Department of State Health Services to sell the equipment, which makes the contract invalid due to legal issues.

Texas companies in business litigation over branding

Business litigation can be challenging for companies to deal with, but having a thorough understanding of applicable laws can help. Gruma Corp. was faced with a lawsuit from Texas-based restaurant chain, Mission Burrito, which is owned by Mexican Restaurants. The two companies were in the middle of business litigation over trademark infringement. Now, one of the companies will be changing its name.

Gruma Corp. makes food products such as chips and tortillas under its Mission Brand. Mexican Restaurants decided to change its name and re-brand after a ruling from a judge went in favor of Gruma Corp. According to reports, the judge's ruling stated that the restaurant must place disclaimers on any type of advertisement, labels and signs. This also includes wrappers, packages and prints clearly stating that it is not in affiliation with Gruma Corp. The restaurant decided not to go this route as it may be too burdensome and decided it would prefer to re-brand.

Texas Six Flags and ride manufacturer in business litigation

A ride on a roller coaster turned tragic when a woman fell 75 feet to her death shortly after the ride took off. The woman's family filed a lawsuit against both Six Flags and the manufacturer. However, Texas Six Flags has joined in business litigation against the manufacturer. Six Flags claims the product was defective and dangerous. Who will win this battle?

An attorney is representing the manufacturer in this case and stated that it is baffling that Six Flags would even file a lawsuit since it participated in the design of the roller coaster. Also, the attorney claims that Six Flags is the one responsible for the woman's death by not adhering to appropriate safety procedures. Allegedly, the woman's lap band was too high, but had it been placed appropriately, the accident would not have happened.

Auto company sues Texas couple for breach of contract

When entering into a contract, it's essential to abide by the terms laid out. Failure to adhere to contract terms may result in a breach of contract lawsuit. This appears to be true for this case involving a Texas couple who took out an auto loan on a 2005 Mazda sedan.

Primary Financial Services filed a lawsuit against a couple in regard to an auto loan. The parties entered into a contract for financing a sedan which outlined that the couple must complete all payments owed, including interest. The company alleges that at some point in time, the couple failed to continue payments on the loan. When apparently notified that payment must be submitted, the couple also allegedly refused the pay off the remaining balance owed.

Texas business litigation in hands of jury

Highland Capital Management is a company that manages billions of dollars in assets. A case between a former executive and Highland Capital Management went to trial earlier this month. The business litigation stemmed from a bitter dispute over information, money and slander. The case is now in the hands of a Texas jury.

Back in 2012, a former executive testified against the company's co-founder in a divorce case. Previously, the employee had left the company over a payment dispute. Highland Capital Management filed a lawsuit against him and informed the court that he had taken trade secrets without having their consent. The company further claims that the former executive denied requests to return the belongings. The ex-employee is also being accused of making slanderous actions against the firm, which may have resulted in financial harm.